First Hyper Light Breaker Gameplay Trailer Revealed, Steam Early Access Delayed to Fall 2023

hyper light breaker gameplay

Heart Machine and Gearbox Publishing have revealed the first Hyper Light Breaker gameplay trailer, giving fans their first look at the gameplay of the “open world rogue-lite” that evokes the mechanics of Fortnite, Breath of the Wild, and Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, the game’s Steam Early Access period has been delayed from its promised Spring 2023 launch window to Fall 2023.

Watch the Hyper Light Breaker gameplay trailer below:

Hyper Light Breaker was first revealed early last year as the sequel to Heart Machine’s beautifully-heartbreaking Hyper Light Drifter title. Unlike the original, Hyper Light Breaker utilizes a third-person point of view, and incorporates multiplayer gameplay in a procedurally-generated world set in the Hyper Light Drifter universe. The gameplay trailer showcases developed melee and ranged combat systems, some form of terrain traversal and manipulation abilities, and possibly an i-frame mechanic all highlighted by bright explosions of color in contrast with the relaxed, deep tones of Hyper Light Drifter.

The game will launch into Steam Early Access in Fall 2023, and can be wishlisted now. While console versions are not currently in the pipeline, Heart Machine hopes to release Hyper Light Breaker on additional platforms down the line. More information about the development of the game can be found on its Steam page as well as a FAQ post on Reddit from the developers.

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