First Look At Halo 5’s January Update, New Forge Maps & Game Types Coming To Matchmaking

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Halo 5: Guardians‘ fans have more free content to look forward to later this month. Developer 343 Industries is back from the holidays, preparing new free content and planning a few excellent playlist updates.

Infinity’s Armory, Halo 5’s latest free content drop, is scheduled to launch near the end of January. It’ll include new maps, weapons, weapon skins, armor, and more, according to 343’s latest blog. A lot more will be detailed in upcoming previews and developer livestreams in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, the studio teased this image, showing off one of the new maps in Infinity’s Armory:


In addition to new goods, improvements are also being made to Halo 5’s multiplayer playlists with updates coming as soon as this weekend. Team Arena will be this weekend’s featured playlist, and in accordance with fan feedback, XP earned in featured playlists from now on will be more than doubled. Players will also earn more REQ points per minute in an effort to keep up with more rewarding playlists.

Down the road, 343 also plans to insert some of the community’s favorite Forge maps into matchmaking.

“We’ve been working with a variety of Forge communities to identify some of the top maps out there, and building out plans with the Multiplayer Team on a few different ways that we plan to bring these into the matchmaking lineup and places like Waypoint, Twitter, live streams, and more,” 343’s Community Manager Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky wrote.

“These playlists are in the works as we speak, and we’re looking forward to featuring the best community maps and game types, ranging from competitive maps to classic remakes to wacky and fun custom-built map and game variants.”

You’ll get an idea of the type of stuff 343 is looking for by checking out the Community Spotlight section of the studio’s latest blog.

Lastly, matchmaking is also due for an update with new game types, including fan-favorites like Grifball.

“We know many of you are looking forward to jumping into new Halo 5 game types, and the team is hard at work on a wide variety of modes – ranging from competitive modes to Grifball to Fiesta to more,” Dudynsky added.

“These are currently being slated into future Halo 5 updates, and although final timelines aren’t set just yet, things are going through engineering, test and polish, and we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at an old bit of game type concept art to wet your whistle:”


Neat! How many of you would be happy to see modes Grifball and Fiesta return to Halo 5: Guardians? Any others that you’re missing? Drop some comments!