FNAF Security Breach Update 1.09 Crawls Out This May 24 (Update)

FNAF Security Breach Update 1.09

Steel Wool Studios has rolled out the (Five Nights at Freddy’s) FNAF Security Breach update 1.09 (PS5 version 1.009), whch is an unannounced title update, so don’t expect much from it. Read on for the FNAF Security Breach May 24 patch notes.

FNAF Security Breach Update 1.09 Patch Notes | FNAF Security Breach Update 1.009 Patch Notes | FNAF Security Breach May 24 Patch Notes:

Size: 7GB

Update: People from the game’s Discord and even subreddit are saying they added cut content such as (we are currently investigating whether this is legit or not):

  • fazfacts, which play during elevator rides
  • fog
  • the proper model for comedy bot
  • various other voice lines that were cut
  • Reports of improved ray-tracing on PS5.

For now, Steel Wool has not issued any announcement regarding today’s patch, which is, sadly, something we’ve seen before. The latest patch released before today, we had to find out what was in it via the community (you can read about that here).

Aside from that, the last patch acknowledged by the studio was patch 1.06, and it was for language support.

Same as before, if you spot any gameplay-related changes, let us know what you find down in the comments. If it’s legit after we check it out, we’ll add it to the post. We’ll also be keeping an eye out on the community, and will update the post if we spot anything, so refresh this post from time to time.

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1 year ago

If you shoot freddy with fazerblaster there is now an animation for Freddy

1 year ago

If an area is unloaded there is now a loading screen

1 year ago

I’ve got 104 collectibles and didn’t get the VIP achievement

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