FNAF: Security Breach Update 1.14 for August 23 Rolled Out, Patch Notes Listed

FNAF: Security Breach Update 1.14

Steel Wool Studios has rolled out (Five Night at Freddy’s) FNAF: Security Breach update 1.14 (PS5 version 1.014) on all platforms, and this brings a host of fixes to the base game and also the free “Ruin” DLC released a few weeks ago. Read on for the full Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach patch notes for August 23 below.

FNAF: Security Breach Update 1.14 Patch Notes | Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Update 1.014 Patch Notes:

      • We’ve been getting reports of players experiencing black screens during in-game cinematics and jump scares. This is due to a corrupted settings file, and there is a simple workaround!
        1. Ensure that all mods are fully uninstalled
        2. Make sure to enable ‘Hidden files and folders’ on your PC
        3. Head to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\fnaf9\Saved\SaveGames
        4. Delete or remove “PlayerSettingsSlot.sav” from folder
        5. This will simply reset your in-game settings. Your save files should not be affected.
      • If this issue still persists, please kindly contact us at www.steelwoolstudios.com/contact with more information.

    Security Breach – Base Game

    • Added “only on SB” to the description of the Reticle option in the General Settings, since this option only affects the base game
    • Added more time for the roll out texts in the credits to be displayed on screen
    • Updated the contact information in the EULA
    • Fixed an issue where deleting a game slot and then creating a new save on top will not save the player’s location or in-game time
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Continue’ button still appears in the Main Menu despite deleting their most recent save
    • Fixed an issue where players will be placed at the start of a new game if they select continue after deleting their most recent save
    • Fixed an issue where the flashlight respawned at the recharge station in the ‘Let There Be Light’ mission after retrying
    • Fixed an issue where Chica will stray from her intended path toward food courts during the ‘Showtime’ mission
    • Fixed an issue where Lil MM’s footsteps could be heard continuously throughout the Loading Dock missions
    • Fixed an issue where Chica’s guitar solo animation was out of sync
    • Fixed an issue where Freddy did not lip-sync along with his lines after the Daycare mission
    • Fixed an issue where getting Freddy out right in front of the Mazercise vent allowed players to call Freddy into Glamrock Monty’s Boss Battle
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Quit Arcade’ button on Balloon World’s main menu does not highlight when selected


  • Added UI to instruct the player on how to use the flashlight
  • Monty now follows a more direct path while chasing Cassie through the water in the log ride
  • Adjusted volume of ambient noises in Roxy Raceway
  • Mask UI now disappears immediately upon removing the mask
  • ‘Quit to Main Menu’ now takes the player to the main menu rather than the title screen
  • Information about deactivated nodes displayed on the Faz-Wrench now displays until the Faz-Wrench is put away
  • The mask UI is no longer visible while using the turrets in Monty Catwalks, during Helpi’s initial messages when first acquiring the mask, or when deactivating Roxy
  • Updated the skip credit UI
  • Cassie can no longer jump on top of camera stations or the turrets in the catwalks
  • Cassie’s previous speed will be restored after slowing down for a chat on the Roxy Talky
  • Added an audio cue when Roxy responds to camera distractions
  • Adjusted volume of Monty’s splashing in the Log Ride section
  • Added closed captioning subtitles for Cassie’s gasp after the elevator falls in the Lobby
  • The Faz-Wrench will no longer auto-equip when approaching a Security Node that has already been completed
  • Added the “Pizza Helpy” loading indicator to some areas where they may be slight loading hitches
  • Updated the RUIN credits to correct a few team members’ names and official titles
  • Added missing sounds to some objects Cassie can walk through while wearing the mask
  • Added the ability to swap between cameras in a camera station using numerical key bindings
  • Fixed an issue where playing the Mini Golf 2 arcade in RUIN DLC will overwrite the Base Game autosave ‘SaveGameSlot0’
  • Fixed an issue where the Caution Bots in the Daycare Gift Shop, Daycare Theater, and Secret Daycare area did not stay deactivated when loading Chapter 2 via chapter select, if previously deactivated on that profile
  • Fixed an issue where conditional Caution Bot does not spawn if the players deactivated them through Chapter Replay
  • Players should now be able to see the conditional Caution Bot when heading back to Chapter 7. If not, please make sure to deactivate the Chapter 2 Caution Bots and trigger an autosave before heading back to Chapter 7 again.
  • Fixed an issue where the conditional Caution Bot deactivation in Bonnie Bowl does not persist after players reload a Chapter
  • Fixed an issue where simultaneously jumping while interacting with a conduit puzzle causes them to fall through the world upon completion
  • Cassie will no longer be able to bypass the Salon area by using the mask in the hallway leading into Salon
  • Fixed an issue where Roxy did not despawn after breaking the last door
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Cassie to put on the mask while entering the Monty Ride, causing the created autosave to load into an instant Game Over
  • Refined some collision in the Log Ride area that was preventing Monty from being able to chase Cassie in some areas
  • Refined some collision to help Monty more easily chase Cassie through the tunnel near the Monty Golf Gift Shop section
  • Monty is now able to reach Cassie in more areas while she is standing in water while in the Log Ride area
  • The Entity is now able to reach Cassie in more areas in the warehouse between Monty Golf and the Daycare
  • The Mimic no longer clips through the cave walls and ceiling when catching Cassie in small areas
  • Fixed an issue where the ladder gates close prior to the player reaching the top
  • Fixed an issue where the audio from the encounter with Freddy still played if the player was wearing the mask in the vents leading out of Fazer Blast
  • Fixed an issue where the traffic cone child node in Bonnie Bowl did not have a corresponding asset when viewed without the mask on
  • Fixed an issue causing Cassie’s hand and flashlight to vanish briefly when entering the Daycare
  • Fixed an issue causing Cassie to talk about the inhibitor in cupcake before the inhibitor is activated
  • Removed flashlight switch sound effect after the flashlight breaks
  • Cassie no longer comments on the Mini Music Men hoards each time the player loads a Bonnie Bowl autosave
  • Fixed an issue causing audio for cinematics to continue playing if the player quits to the main menu while the cinematics are playing
  • Fixed an issue causing audio for some cinematics to play in the base game if the player quit RUIN and loaded a base game save while the cinematic is playing
  • Fixed an issue allowing Cassie to skip past the first breakable door in Roxy Raceway by using the mask
  • Fixed an issue where the ambient walkie talkie audio lines could overlap with the cutscene audio
  • Fixed an issue causing the ladder in the Lobby elevator to be difficult to exit
  • Fixed an issue causing the player to occasionally fall off of ladders when looking up while climbing
  • Certain camera images are no longer stretched
  • Fixed an issue allowing Cassie to enter the Mimic’s lair while still wearing the mask
  • Lines from the Roxy Talky will no longer overlap before the player picks the Roxy Talky up near the lobby elevators
  • The binding for “next hint” on the loading screen will no longer be changed by editing the “use held item” binding
  • Fixed an issue where the crashing go-kart was not audible if wearing a mask
  • Fixed an audio issue where Cassie’s gasp and battery acid line in Cupcake Shoppe could overlap
  • Fixed a door that sometimes decided to open towards Cassie instead of away, when returning to Roxy Raceway
  • Fixed an issue where Cassie was able to bypass the first wooden door in Roxy Raceway if the mask was used right next to it
  • Corrected some missing and mis-matched collision in the Lobby, Kitchen area, Monty Golf, Daycare, Catwalks, Bonnie Bowl, Roxy Raceway, and Salon
  • Cassie will no longer get stuck in a pile of boxes when putting on her mask too close to the S.T.A.F.F. bot in the Daycare theater
  • Fixed an issue where Cassie’s arms models could be seen if pressing the button in the Sinkhole from an odd angle
  • Fixed some LODs and lighting on objects throughout the world so that they no longer visibly “pop”
  • Fixed the subtitles for the second line of Candy Cadet’s story to show up in the player’s selected language instead of English
  • Fixed an issue causing some Child Nodes to be difficult to interact with when standing too close to the Child Node
  • Fixed an issue where Cassie was able to enter the conveyor belt into Chica’s Cupcake Bakery without crouching
  • Fixed an issue where swampy ambient noises from Monty Golf could be heard in the Daycare Play Area
  • Fixed an issue causing error noises to play when interacting with various ladders, collectibles, and Caution Bots
  • Fixed an issue causing the Entity’s sound effects to sometimes play without them present
  • Fixed a spot where the player could see out of the world in the utility tunnels
  • Fixed some missing wall textures around the entrance to the sinkhole
  • Fixed some objects throughout the world that had one-sided geometry
  • Fixed an LOD issue on Freddy’s foot in Fazer Blast
  • Fixed an issue causing some of Gregory’s lines about Gator Grub’s electrified door to play later than intended
  • Helpi’s camera station intro sequence no longer plays in Chica’s Cupcake Bakery after loading into the area using chapter select
  • Cassie can no longer get stuck inside of a variety of objects throughout the world when taking off the mask while standing inside those objects
  • Cassie can no longer get stuck inside AR walls when putting on the mask while standing over those AR walls
  • Cassie will no longer get jump scared by an invisible mini music man when going the wrong way in the vent system leading out of Fazer Blast
  • Cassie can no longer get stuck behind the lockers near the Monty Golf security office while using the mask
  • Fixed an issue where Cassie intermittently gets teleported under the map when putting on the mask while trying to enter the Plushbaby room in Bonnie Bowl
  • Fixed an issue where Cassie could get permanently stuck behind the metal grate over the sewers leading to Bonnie Bowl
  • The hoard of Mini Music Men near the giant shoe Child Node will now go to the expected location when Cassie uses the intercom from CAM_4
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Cassie to have her flashlight again after it was broken when loading into some parts of the sinkhole via chapter select and retrying
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Roxy to be able to jump scare Cassie before Roxy is visible under certain conditions in the first section in Roxy Raceway
  • Fixed an issue where players could not hear Chica’s footsteps when looking away from her
  • Fixed an issue causing Cassie to occasionally teleport through floors, walls, and fences and fall or get stuck out-of-bounds when putting on or taking off the mask
  • Cassie can no longer take off the mask and fall out of the world while entering the tunnel to Fazer Blast
  • Fixed a visual gap in the Lobby ceiling
  • Fixed an issue causing the effect of the mask to sometimes be delayed when putting it on or removing it in Salon, Log ride, and the Cupcake Prep Room (before Catwalks and Cupcake Shoppe)
  • Fixed a visual issue causing door hinges to no longer z-fight throughout the game
  • Fixed a visual issue causing a flickering effect under the grated flooring in the utilidors tunnels
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cassie to get stuck behind the platform leading up to the tunnel out of the utilidors area
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Cassie to take off her mask while entering Roxy’s introduction cinematic in Salon
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Cassie to skip the Daycare Attendant’s pleas to reboot him by jumping on nearby objects
  • Refined some stretched textures on the handrails on the stairs leading into Roxy Raceway
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cassie to get out of bounds behind the Daycare theater screen by jumping on environmental assets
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Cassie to get out of bounds when putting on the mask on top of a large potted plant near the start of the Daycare area
  • Fixed an issue where the “Hold to skip” prompt stays on-screen above the credits until the player presses the button
  • Fixed an issue causing some sprites to appear ghostly in Chica’s Feeding Frenzy when DLSS is enabled on some graphics cards
  • Fixed an issue where some VFX for the mask would sometimes not play when reloading into AR-only autosaves
  • Fixed an issue causing an occasional crash when selecting ‘restart’ after being jump scared by Chica while in Cupcake Shoppe
  • Fixed an issue causing controllers to continue to vibrate when the vibration setting was set to 0% after restarting the game
  • Fixed an issue causing the cursor to sometimes become invisible while using camera stations

Once a new patch is released, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Source: Steam

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29 days ago

So nothing on the broken base game loading docks mission? The audio cues aren’t happening I’m softlocked into the loading docks FIND OUT IF ITS FIXED

27 days ago

Holy hell there were so many dayum…

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