For Honor “Tribute” Mode Revealed in New Trailer, Here’s What to Expect

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There’s a new mode coming in Ubisoft’s For Honor! Called “Tribute,” the new mode will be 4v4 where two teams will square off to control the three Offerings on the map. Nab the three Offerings, place them in your team’s shrine to win.

Check out the For Honor Tribute mode gameplay reveal to see the chaos that awaits. There’s also no points to accumulate in Tribute mode; you need the Offerings to win, so teamwork is key. There’s also blessings on the team that controls each Offering.

•  Vindicator Blessing: Gives your whole team a boost to attack, as well as a speed boost when carrying an Offering and faster interaction when stealing an Offering.

•  Guardian Blessing: Gives your whole team a small regenerating shield, as well as slowing enemy interaction when they try to steal your team’s Offering.

•  Oracle Blessing: Increases the awareness of your whole team. This includes showing, both in-world and on the radar, the location of an Offering carrier and the whole enemy team.

Some of the maps included in Tribute mode will be: Tower Ruin, Canyon, Shipyard, Cathedral, Village, Forest, and Viking Village. 

For Honor’s Tribute mode has no current release date so far, but gameplay of it will be shown tomorrow on Ubisoft’s Twitch channel.

Source: Ubisoft Blog