Fortnite Down and Unable to Login This June 2 (Update)

fortnite down
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If you’re trying to login to Fortnite but can’t, it’s not you, but Fortnite down reports are rapidly rising now, as players are unable to login this June 2 (June 3 for those outside the US).

Fortnite Down Status and Updates for June 2 (June 3):

Update: Log in issues may be resolved as reports have significantly gone down.

The issue seems to be affecting multiple platforms, as PC players are seeing a “socket open error,” while PlayStation gamers are unable to sign into the game.

On the Down Detector site, it shows a massive spike of reports surfacing recently:

Unfortunately, Epic Games has not acknowledged the outage just yet, though we’re expecting that to change soon. Same as always, we’ll be updating this post as more news becomes available.

If you can connect (or can’t), leave a comment below to let us know which platform you’re on and where you’re from. Stay tuned to this post and redresh it from time to time, as we’ll be updating it regularly.

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