Fortnite Down This December 29, Epic Investigating (Update #2)

Fortnite Update 3.61

Those looking for some Fortnite fun today, you might be having issues connecting to the game, and it’s not you, but the game itself. Epic Games has acknowledged the Fortnite down reports that are surfacing this December 29, though there’s no specific reason as to what’s happening.

Fortnite Down Reports This December 29:

Update #2: Epic has announced that servers are back online!

Update: Epic has given an update to say that servers are still down, and that they are working on it. Sit tight! We’ll be updating this post as more info becomes available.

Original Story:

Over on the game’s subreddit for Battle Royale, multiple threads have cropped up regarding the outage:

ive reset my xbox, relaunched fortnite, and confirmed my wifi is normal. ive been here for 30 minutes. help. from FortNiteBR

Epic servers are down 😭 I quit on life from FortNiteBR

Over on Twitter, the official Fortnite Status account acknowledged the outage and said the following:

Some players have reported that they have been able to connect, though have been put in a queue!

Status Update: Fortnite is back online! from FortNiteBR

This is definitely bad news, as it is the holidays, and I gather a lot of people are home hoping to play some online multiplayer. If you’re able to connect, share which country you’re from and what platform so we can let our other Fortnite fans know when servers are going back up! If you’re curious as to the latest title update for the game, head on over here for the v19.01 patch notes

We’ll be updating the post as more news develops, so refresh this post from time to time.

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