Fortnite Down This Feb. 1, Servers Offline as Epic Is Investigating (Update)

Fortnite Down

While we just got a new title update for Fortnite earlier today, it seems players are having issues connecting to servers, and nope, it’s not your internet or game client, but the Fortnite servers! Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite down time is indeed happening, and the studio is investigating.

Fortnite Down Status and Updates This Feb. 1:

Update #2: Epic has announced that servers are back online!

Update: Epic says they are still investigating the issues and that players will need to queue before they can join the game. We’ll continue to monitor and update this post, so stay tuned!

Here’s the announcement from Epic Games:

We’re investigating an issue preventing players from connecting to Fortnite services including logging in, matchmaking, or being asked to update the game.

We’ll provide more info when this is resolved and service has returned.

Fortnite game servers are temporarily offline while we investigate this issue.

We appreciate your patience as we work on a fix.

As you can see, Epic is investigating and is trying to resolve the issue. We’ll be updating this post as more news regarding this downtime surfaces, so check back regularly.

While you’re waiting, go read up on the datamined content that was unearthed in today’s patch to see what’s coming soon.

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