Fortnite Streamer Caught in Livestream Physically Abusing His Significant Other

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We’ve uploaded the videos on a separate player just in case they get taken down.

Original Story:

There are griefers and cheaters in video games, and then you have those that are just outright, assholes on a basic human level. This is one of the latter. Twitch Fortnite streamer DrDeadMoth was streaming Fortnite to his audience when he was interrupted by what seems to be his significant other. What would you do in that instance? Maybe say something witty? Go off camera and deal with whatever issue? Well, this dude just cursed his significant other, and proceeds to physically and verbally abuse her — all the while the camera was running!

Thanks to Twitter use RevvOCE, we have footage of the incident. Word of warning: this is not for the faint of heart as you can hear the asshole slap the woman, hear her cry and say “don’t hit me in the face” and all in front of what I presume to be their kid.

There’s also a second part to this class act thanks to Twitter user ayu.

Here’s another video of this stand-up dude where he calls his own daughter a cunt, just because the kid was asking for attention.

At the time of this writing, the streamer has since deleted his Twitter account, and it seems Twitch has taken his page down as well.

Regardless of which game you’re playing, or whatever you’re doing, or whatever your significant other is doing, it’s NEVER OK to hit them with or without a live audience.