Fortnite Street Fighter Cosmetics and Items Leaked

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Following yesterday’s early leakage of the Fortnite Street Fighter crossover trailer and emotes, it looks like more stuff got leaked today, as the Fortnite Street Fighter cosmetics and items have been leaked, and we have the list and even what it looks like.

Same as always, note that these are based on leaks, and as such, aren’t official. So if anyting changes, don’t blame us, alright?

So far, the known Fortnite Street Fighter cosmetics and items are:

  • Skins (2x)
  • Back Blings (2x)
  • Pickaxes (2x)
  • Emotes (2x)
  • Glider (1)

The items are for Chun-Li and Ryu, and it’s not known whether more Street Fighter characters will enter the crossover ring.

For now, there is no official release date for this crossover event just yet, but we surmise, it should be out soon.

Source: D3LAT3 via ShiinaBR