Fortnite Update 1.4.8 Is Here to Squash Bugs & Help With Sign-In Errors

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Fortnite players be aware that there’s some bug squashing going down. And it’s a very good kind of bug squashing, especially for Xbox One users, as Fortnite patch 1.4.8 includes a fix for those pesky sign-in errors which take place during an Xbox Live service outage

It isn’t the longest list of improvements, but more crash fixes are definitely appreciated!


  • Fixed an end of match score bug that led to display of 0 XP gained. We’ve seen another issue causing 0 XP and are still investigating.
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox players were not shown a notice in the in-game client stating a new game patch was available
  • Fixed an AI-related server crash
  • Fixed an audio-related client crash
  • Corrected an issue caused by placing multiple defenders in a mission
  • Smoothed out hitching caused by placing a Level 30 BASE in a zone
  • Reduced the likelihood that players will experience sign-in errors during a Xbox Live service outage

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Source: Epic Games