Fortnite Update 2.59 Released on PS4

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Following this past Tuesday’s Fortnite patch, Epic Games has released a new one just for the PS4 — at least for now. Fortnite update 2.59 has been released, and it’s at just 383MB. According to Epic Games this patch is to address performance.

Note that this performance patch is for the frames-per-second (fps) drops players have been experiencing since patch v12.00, and it’s been happening on all platforms. Epic confirmed (via the Trello board) that they are “aware” of the frame rate drops and are working on improvements.

Reports of FPS drops since v12.00.

We’re aware of reports of FPS drops since v12.00 and are working on improvements.


Hopefully, this PS4 Fortnite patch is a good start to alleviate any performance issues and that other platforms will get it soon. We’re not expecting any nerfs or changes in this patch, but given Epic has been rather silent on those, don’t be surprised to see stealth changes implemented. If you spot any, leave your feedback in the comments below, and we’ll update the post and credit you for the find (once we’ve validated it, of course).

What other issues should Epic Games tackle when it comes to Fortnite ASAP? Sound off down belw and let us know.