Fortnite Update 2.61 Rolled Out, Here’s What It Does

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While we just got a hefty Fortnite update yesterday which brings the game to v12.10, the PS4 and Xbox One (arguably the two biggest platforms for Fortnite) got Fortnite update 2.61 today. As one might expect, there’s no visible new content but it’s more for fixes.

Fortnite update 2.61 changes:

According to Epic Games, this is more of a maintenance patch than anything else.

We’ve released a maintenance patch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that resolves this issue and addresses stability. We’ll keep you updated as this issue is resolved on other platforms.

However, there are a few specific fixes rolled out and here they are (via the Trello Board):

End of match: unable to return to Lobby, go to Item Shop, or report player.


With the release of the March 5, 2020, maintenance patch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this issue has been resolved on those platforms.

We’ll keep you updated as the issue is resolved on the remaining platforms.

At the end of a match, the “Return to Lobby,” “Item Shop,” and “Report Player” buttons may be unresponsive on controller.


To exit the match, open the Menu and select “Leave Match.”

If applicable, you can also select “Return to Lobby,” “Item Shop,” or “Report Player” via touch controls.

And that’s basically it. I gather, Fortnite players appreciate this nonetheless. If we find any stealth changes to the gameplay included in this, we’ll update the post.