Fortnite Update 3.04 February 16 Is for v15.40; Changes & Datamined Info Listed (Update)

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Epic Games has released the Fortnite update 3.04 February 16 patch, or what the studio calls the Fortnite v15.40 update! Same as before, we have the full list of fixes rolled out by the devs, as well as the datamined info from the game’s data file released for the update!

Note that not everything datamined is 100% going to be in the game, or will be available in a future event. That said, usually, it is a hint of what’s coming, so head on below to see the details.

Fortnite Update 3.04 February 16 (v15.40) Patch Notes:

Here’s what Epic Games has shared for now:

v15.40 brings:

Blast back with an unvaulted favorite!
Fun for the whole squad! Characters will have more Exotics in stock for allies (or enemies) to acquire.
LTMs coming soon: Air Royale Airplane+ Floor is Lava Volcano
Adjust object/build level of detail in PC Perf Mode

Please note: With the v15.40 update, we’ll be removing unreleased assets and props that are currently being used in some Creative islands.

Here are the official list of fixes per the Fortnite Trello board:

Battle Royale:

Total Bars appearing as 0 in a match.

Though this issue has mostly been resolved, total Bars may appear as 0 when loading into a match with high latency. We are working to address this.

Players may on rare occasion load into a match without their total Bars available, showing 0 in their persistent stash.

Don’t worry, your total collected Bars are still tracked – but collecting Bars in the match where they appear at 0 will not add to your cumulative total.


Loading into another match should show your total collected Bars, however any collected in the match where they appeared 0 will not have been added.

Bars in Arena must be gathered in-match and your persistent stash is unavailable

Purple XP Coins disappearing when driven through (without granting XP).

When driven through, Purple XP Coins disappear without granting XP.

When you encounter a Purple XP Coin, walk or run through it instead of driving to get the XP.

Matchmaking doesn’t start if unreadied player leaves early.

Players will have to reform their party to continue matchmaking if an unreadied party member is removed from the party.



Phone Booths do not respect island settings when players change Outfits.

We’re investigating an issue that is causing Phone Booths to not respect island settings when using the island setting “Start With Pickaxe” to “No.”

Set “Start With Pickaxe” to “Yes.”

Save the World:

Mythic Lead Survivor portraits appear only as silhouettes.

Mythic lead Survivor portraits appear only as silhouettes. This is a visual-only issue and your survivors will properly grant stats if slotted.

Locating a Durrr Burger not counting towards the “Locating: Burger Break!” Ventures quest.

Locating a Durrr Burger is not contributing progress towards the “Locating: Burger Break!” Ventures quest.

Fortnite Update 3.04 v15.40 Datamined Info:

We’ll be updating this as more info becomes available, and once it’s final, we’ll post an “update” to the headline. So make sure to refresh the post from time to time.

That’s about it for the datamined content for this patch.