Fortnite Update 3.26 Now Out; Fixes & Datamined Info for v17.40 (Update)

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Epic Games has released the Fortnite update 3.26 patch this August 17, and this is for the v17.40 title update! Same as always, the official list of fixes, and datamined info are all listed here, so read on.

Fortnite Update 3.26 Patch Notes | Fortnite v17.40 Patch Notes:

Epic Games has not update the official Fortnite Trello board just yet, but here’s some of the known issues that shouldbe addressed in today’s patch:

Update: Issues fixed updated via the official Trello board.

Battle Royale:

Preferred Item Slots: Chug Cannon moving to incorrect slots.

Double item slot items, such as the Chug Cannon, can move to the incorrect slots when a new item is picked up.

Cannot open Cosmic Chest if a player left the team.

If a player leaves the team during a match, the team will be unable to open up a Cosmic Chest in the match.

Unable to proceed in Free Guy Quest chain.

We’re aware that some players have become unable to pick up new Quests in the Free Guy Quest chain.

Players affected will be able to pick up new Quests with the release of our next game update.


  • Match Making Portal Slow to Update.
  • Creative Island images may reset to the original thumbnail image.
  • Latency issues on XL Islands.
  • Barrier Device Issues Summary

Save the World:

Wrong Event Ticket displayed on the Beyond Stellar Horizons quest

Wrong event ticket display is attached to the Beyond Stellar Horizon quest. Players will still get the correct Road Trip ticket after completing the quest.

Certain items do not count towards players “Search Anything” objective during re-supply mission

Players are not getting credited for the “Search anything objective” when searching through certain objects. Those objects can include

• can-o-meat
• bolt and nutz
• herbs
• plants in forest biomes (but not flower or cactus herbs)
• ammo loots
• metal bars

Game map in Creative displaying an empty Island on Android.

Update 2
The game map in Creative mode on Android has returned to normal in the Welcome Hub.

New Confirmed Hotfix:

(via HYPEX):

– Agents of The Order are tasked with keeping The Bridge safe by identifying the Impostors.

– Be careful of Impostors! They have disguised themselves to take down The Order.
If the Impostors eliminate enough Agents before The Bridge is secured – the Impostors win.

Fortnite v17.40 Datamined Info:

We’ll be updating this as more datamined content is found, so keep refreshing the page! Once we’re done, we’ll put an “Update” in the headline to let readers know.

Update: Post has been updated with the datamined content.

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