Fortnite Update 3.34 Released; Fixes & Datamined Content for v18.20 Listed This Oct. 12

Fortnite Update 3.34

Epic Games has released the Fortnite update 3.34 patch this October 12, and this is called patch version 18.20 by the studio. Head on for the list of datamined content, and confirmed fixes below.

Fortnite Update 3.34 Patch Notes | Fortnite v18.20 Patch Notes:

Here are the fixes from the official Fortnite Trello board:

Battle Royale

Battle pass page unlock progress not always tracking correctly.


Players may find that the Battle Pass will not appear to progress toward the next page when unlocking additional items to reach the unlock requirement.


This is generally a visual issue only. Playing a match then returning to the Battle Pass screen, or redeeming any Toona Fish items, will sometimes resolve the issue.

Slower gliding when using Symbiote item and Launch Pad.


When using a launchpad, players may experience a slow gliding effect when redeploying the glider and using either the Venom or the Carnage Symbiote item.

Unable to fish while inside certain vehichles.

We’re aware of an issue preventing players from using a Fishing Rod while in the passenger seat of a Motorboat or in the pick-up bed of an OG Bear truck.

Reboot timer in HUD doesn’t match reboot timer on Reboot Card.


The time displayed on the HUD is not matching the timer on the Reboot card. The Reboot card displays the correct time.


Concert VFX Settings


We’re investigating the following issue with the Concert VFX settings

1) Concert Rain VFX remains on island until Returning to Hub and entering the island again



Switch players are not heard by other consoles in Game chat


Switch players are unable to be heard by players on other platforms however, players on other platforms can still be heard by players on Switch.

OnePlus Nord crash on login


We’re investigating an issue that is causing the OnePlus Nord device to experience a crash on login.

Fortnite v18.20 Datamined Content:

We’ll update the post if more datamined content and known fixes are found.

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