G2A Buys Un-Switchable Sponsored Ads to Show Up First Ahead of Official Game Listings, Devs Ask Buyers to Pirate Instead

g2a statement

Do you buy games on G2A? If so, you might want to consider not doing that. While where you get your games is another story altogether, it seems the ethically questionable online retailer has made some rather interesting marketing moves, as it has now bought sponsored ads (which can’t be turned off for some reason) on Google. If someone searches for a specific game that the retailer sells, you will see their games for sale first ahead of the official game listings!

Note that developers DO NOT make any money (as in ZERO) on games people buy through the non-official sponsored ads. This G2A ad brouhaha has been brought to the forefront by indie publisher Mike Rose, who heads the No More Robots game studio. Mike took to twitter early this morning to express his thoughts on G2A along with a demonstration on how the ad cannot be switched off (besides ad blockers).

As one can expect, multiple indie devs have chimed in against this practice and what’s more, they are even asking gamers to just pirate their games if they’re buying from G2A, crazy right? The rationale behind this is that regardless if you pirate their game or buy it from G2A, both means zero profits for the devs, but the former choice at least doesn’t add more coin into G2A’s pockets.

If you’re curious how G2A and their whole scumminess works check out the screenshot below, which explains it nicely (thanks, DannyOnPC):

When actual devs are telling you to pirate their games instead of buying it from a dubious re-seller, you know something’s not right. Let’s hope this gets sorted out soon since devs should be earning money for all their hard work, and not just a re-seller.

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3 years ago

“Devs don’t see a penny either way” — that’s completely false,
though… they don’t see any money from the (re)sale on g2a.com, but
they do get money from the initial sale by the reseller.

Reply to  BlueRaja
3 years ago

not if it is from a stolen credit card that gets charged back

Reply to  AlcoholicPhoenixz
3 years ago

There is a mechanism to cancel keys, which most retailers use. If that cancelled key was first sold on G2A, the seller will get flagged and G2A will ban them, just like scammers on any other open marketplace. That’s definitely not the typical case, though.

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