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G2A Promises to Pay Developers 10x the Money Proven to Be Lost via Chargebacks on Illegally Obtained Keys News 1

News 1 Just a few days ago, we ran a story on how developers were upset with online game retailer G2A regarding its online ads, and how the company is said to be doing illicit business at the expense of the developers/publisher. Today, G2A sent MP1st a statement directly regarding this incident, and promised to pay developers […]

G2A Buys Un-Switchable Sponsored Ads to Show Up First Ahead of Official Game Listings, Devs Ask Buyers to Pirate Instead News 3

News 3 Do you buy games on G2A? If so, you might want to consider not doing that. While where you get your games is another story altogether, it seems the ethically questionable online retailer has made some rather interesting marketing moves, as it has now bought sponsored ads (which can’t be turned off for some reason) […]