Game Director Explains Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass Changes, Player’s “Best Interests in Mind”

apex legends season 7 battle pass changes

This past week, Respawn Entertainment released Season 7 of Apex Legends. Not only did it introduce a new legend, map and vehicle, but there’s also a revamp on how the Battle Pass system works. For those unhappy with the Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass changes, Respawn has commented on it.

In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Game Director Chad Grenier explains the reasoning behind the Battle Pass changes, and states they have the player’s “best interests in mind.”

Before I get into the reason for the battlepass change, I’ll start by saying that the team has the player’s best interests in mind, and we are not trying to play negotiation games with our players. Respawn is made up of passionate gamers just like yourself. We also aren’t trying to secretly force you all into buying more battlepass levels. I promise you everyone here on the team are good people, passionate gamers, and just want whats best for the game.

There were really 2 changes to the battle pass, each had its own reason. First, we streamlined the challenge system to reward stars, and 10 stars is a battlepass level. We implemented this change with the intent to simplify how the battlepass works and more clearly indicate what a challenge is worth. The second change was to the difficulty or time investment needed on the challenges. We’ve seen in our data that most players were completing the battlepass about 2/3 through the season and then not having much left do to in the season. We believed that players would enjoy playing the game if they always had something to progress and earn, so we adjusted our challenges to hopefully give players something to accomplish in that final month of a season. This change had the players intest in mind, and was calculated in a manner that would still allow the majority of our players to finish leveling without purchasing additional levels.

The battlepass is about keeping players engaged throughout the season, so we’re not trying to do you wrong here. Obviously when these changes went live we heard your feedback loud and clear, and quickly put in a change that makes the challenges roughly 50% easier to complete, and we have more changes planned in the future to give players more agency on challenge completion. We appriciate your feedback on this change, but also please keep in mind that Respawn always has your interests in mind, so please assume positive intent!

Will we see a rollback to how the Battle Pass worked for the game in the future? I wouldn’t bet against it given how vocal the community has been,

In other Apex Legends news, EA has confirmed that development of the game will be finshed soon, and will launch in 2021!

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