Game Mistakes: Is Going From Single-Player to Multiplayer Good?

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With the recent huge backlash from Fallout fans Bethesda is under a microscope since it seems that no one wanted a multiplayer Fallout… or at least not one without NPCs. So the following question has been raised: Is it a good idea to make a full turn and go from single-player to multiplayer on games that are known for their good story and single-player experience?

Mistakes and Reasoning

While there’s a huge incentive to go multiplayer because it can bring a constant flow of incoming people, it isn’t always a good idea to go for it. For example, I think it would be interesting to see a multiplayer Witcher game, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to make it only multiplayer. That’s probably one of the biggest mistakes one can make.

If a game franchise will try to go from single to multi, they should do it gradually and offer the single-player experience also. Co-op is a good choice, or they should do multiplayer and offer a very good story also, along with interesting characters and animations. So the main mistake with the Fallout 76 game is the fact that they made a world where there is a story, but it feels kind of empty because there aren’t any characters that can relay a good story.

Other Types of Games

Now let’s say we’re talking about games that don’t really have a story, or even if they have one, it isn’t the main focus. Then I think it is certainly a good idea to go multiplayer and never go back. I like to gamble from time to time and while there are some games like poker that can be played with other players of course, there are others that don’t offer that.

Slots for example are usually a single-player experience since no one can play along with you, so I always thought that it would be an interesting idea to play a game like Sizzling Hot with others. There aren’t many sites that offer a slot multiplayer experience, but there are some and I have really enjoyed the experience.

If we’re talking about card games, then Blackjack is one of my favorite card games. Blackjack usually is also a single-player experience and maybe some others can join you at the table. But I found a site or two that offer a Blackjack multiplayer experience which was pretty nice.

Interaction between multiple people can add a good amount of fun to the experience and it can make it the best experience.

So as a conclusion, some games can be transformed into a multiplayer experience and some don’t. But if developers do want to do that, they should be very careful since the community can have a very bad response. Something like gambling games can be transformed quite easily, but game franchises like Fallout will be a lot harder to transform.

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