Game Ventures Challenges Resident Evil Village Speedrunners With a $2000 Bounty

Resident Evil Village Speedrunners

Game Ventures, a community driven platform that sets out to challenge players and push the boundaries of what can be done in a video game has just issued one of its biggest challenges yet. Resident Evil Village speedrunners get ready to break some records.

With many titles gaining popularity in the speedrunning community, one recent release that has players trying to outdo one another is none other than Resident Evil Village. With a trophy that challenges players to beat it in under three hours, many have come up with some rather creative ways to even blow past that, clocking in with just less than two hours on some runs. Talk about insane!

To help incentives all this, Game Venture has issued a new public bounty that challenges these speedrunners to beat the game in less than an 1 hour and 40 minutes. Seems pretty quick, but those who have been keeping up with REVillage speedrunners already know that a number of runners have already shattered this record on their own personal accord. 

Well, what better way to prove that it can be done again and to compete against fellow runners? Enter Game Ventures.

How Do You Enter the Resident Evil Speedrunner Game Venture Bounty?

Joining up Game Venture is as easy as signing up on any other websites. All you have to do is create a new account and then navigate your way over to the REVillage bounty and start your streaming session. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The requirements and rules can all be found below.

GoalAny% Village of Shadows
Goal TypeIGT
ThresholdBelow 01:40:00.00
SettingsMust play on Village of Shadows difficulty starting from New Game. Framerate cannot be set to higher than 120 fps; framerate settings can be altered mid-performance from within game settings. Framerate, ammo count, and checkpoint notices must be visible at all times, where available.
RulesNew Game+ bonuses, DLC items, and other similar “bonus” content are prohibited. Hotkeys and macro functions are prohibited. Total pause duration must not exceed 5 minutes. Pauses used to reposition inventory cursors are prohibited. Exploits related to manipulation or toggling of the game window are prohibited. Glitches and game engine exploits, including out-of-bounds maneuvers, are allowed. Exploits that cause game file or save corruption are prohibited.
VersionsVersion 1.03 or newer.
PlatformsPC (Microsoft Windows)
Platform NotesRuns must be performed on the PC version of the game. Submissions for this run must use the LiveSplit ( timer program with the Load Removal function activated for Resident Evil Village. This timer must be shown at all times during a performance. The timing results shown by this timer are used as the timing method instead of the provided in-game timer. The only allowed mods are “No Flies Daughters” mod, and RE8FOV mod; all others are prohibited.

Looks to be a pretty good challenge overall, now get out there and beat it!

If you haven’t played Resident Evil Village yet, go check out review right here.

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