Gaming and Livestreaming Usage Rises Due to COVID-19

video games covid-19

With more and more countries issuing lockdowns and quarantines to try and stifle the ever-growing COVID-19 pandemic, one entertainment avenue has been a big benefactor of it all and that’s gaming.

This doesn’t just mean gaming as in playing video games, but also those watching content related to gaming. Reports from streaming tools StreamElements and have mentioned that viewership on both YouTube and Twitch have risen significantly over the past week, with Twitch getting a 10 percent bump, while YouTube has seen a 15 percent uptick.

As for gaming itself, remember when we reported that CS:GO has, for the first time, reached the one million concurrent player count number? As a whole though, digital platform Steam reached a record 20.3 million users on March 15, with 6.4 million of these people actively gaming according to SteamDB.

Of course, this isn’t really all that surprising given that online gaming is possibly the safest way to interact with friends right now given the current global situation.If this continues, the next problem gamers will come across might be game server outages, net speed issues and the like. Mind, whle these aren’t ideal, it’s still better than getting hit with the virus.

Now if you’re part of the gaming populace who’s playig it safe by staying at home, we got a long list of multiplayer games that you should check out to make the downtime easier.

Stay safe, everyone, and just stay at home, watch a few movies and play games.


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