Battleborn Developer Gearbox Sent Death Threat, Letter Claims Every Employee to Be Executed

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Just a few days ago, we reported that an alleged (confirmed fake) game developer got a ton of death threats due to controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II. While that one might have been a fake troll job by someone who wanted his 15 minutes of fame, these sort of things do happen from time to time.

Well, one of those times is (really this time) now. Gearbox Software (Battleborn, Borderlands) seems to be the recipient of one such hate-filled letter that the writer of the said letter even threatens to “execute” each employee of the studio. The letter was shared by Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford over on Twitter.

You can read the entire bit below (with typos and all).

In case you’re wondering why there’s squiggly red lines under some of the words (making it appear newly written in some sort of document), Pitchford answered people on Twitter that said he, himself, wrote it, and explained he copy and pasted from the email to the Word document remove headers and addresses.

Pitchford mentions that he thinks the threat is not credible, but the studio’s legal team is already looking into it. 

Regardless if you like or hate a game, it’s never OK to send death threats or personal attacks, people! Maybe if you’re just full of hate, vent out on a game or reach out to developers on Twitter? Just be within reason, please.