Gears 5: Batista Set to Be a Playable Character Later This Month

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If you could pick a real-life person to be a character in Gears of War, the chances that someone would pick actor and WWE Superstar Dave “Batista” Bautista. Well, it seems it’s indeed becoming a reality! A Gears 5 Batista playable character has been confirmed to be out later this month!

This was announced by none other than Batista himself over on Twitter, where it also showed him donning the familiar COG armor. Batista will be available September 15 after the WWE Clash of Champions event.

Now this is one of those perfect fits, no? I must say, Batista does look good in that armor. Perhaps he’ll be part of the Gears of War movie if there’s ever one that actually gets past the pre-production stage.

Gears 5 will be out this September 6 on the Xbox One. Check out the campaign trailer here to know what to expect.