Gears 5 Update and Gearsmas Event Now Live (Patch 3.1)

Gears 5 Update

Gears 5 is hot off the heals of its brand new Operation: Free for All, which started last week. With the holidays arriving, Gears brings back its annual tradition, Gearsmas with today’s Gears 5 update or otherwise known as Gears 5 update 3.1.

New earnable content is available by playing many of the new modes that last weeks operation brought with it.  The Krampus Scion character skin can be earned by getting 200 kills in the recently added free for all game type. A special event, Jingle Juvies, where players must survive 20 waves in Horde that features a lot of Juvies sporting antlers and boss waves featuring a lot of Juvies plus standard enemies. Completing 100 waves of this will get you access to a full 18 weapons from the Ugly Gearsmas Weapon Skin set.

Just for logging into the game between now and January 2, Gears 5 will slide some presents into your Gears collection with:

  • Gearsmas Jack Character Skin
  • Gearsmas Bloodspray
  • Gearsmas Mark
  • Gearsmas Banner
  • Free Boosts for logging in on December 25 and 26 are also up for grabs.

Update 3.1 will also be live with the event and developer The Coalition looking  into issues that have been reported by the community. These include:

  • Visual corruption in two FFA maps – The Pit and Nethercutt
  • Unintended “teammates” in FFA
  • Horde: Crashing while joining games in progress

All of these updates are out now.

Source: Gears 5

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