Gears of War 90% First-Time Players Didn’t Play a Second Match If They Don’t Get a Kill

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It’s no secret that multiplayer games are a heavily competitive affair. Heck, that’s part of the reason why it’s so fun in the first place, right? However, for first-time players of any kind of multiplayer game, there’s always the dread of being a “noob” and not doing well.

So how do developers mitigate this? Some put out tutorials, and some developers just give you a little unrevealed boost to help you feel at ease. This is the case with Gears of War multiplayer. Over on Twitter, former Epic Games Lead Designer of Gears of War 1-3 Lee Perry divulged that data showed that 90 percent of Gears of War first-time players didn’t play a second match if they don’t get a kill in the first game. 

How did they fix this? Simple. They gave first-time players major advantages like additional damage bonuses that tapered off with your first few kills.

That’s definitely a way to make players feel badass, no? Now I’m curious to know whether other multiplayer games do this as well and if so, how. 

Have you noticed any first-time handicap given in any multiplayer game you’ve started out with? If so, what and how?