Get Even More Action From Call of Duty With a Gaming VPN

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Imagine. There was once a time when multiplayer included having to actually sit down next to someone to play. In the same room. Those dark days have moved on as games expand into magic realms, deep space and zombie apocalypses. Gamers can now play with anyone safely and securely, all by using a VPN – and nowhere is this more important than in the Call of Duty arena.

Call of Duty is so popular that it has already clocked up over 25 billion hours of play time. There are now 20 titles in the Call of Duty empire and its popularity isn’t in question, which is why it is subject to DDoS attacks, lag and slow connections.

If you have a good internet connection with enough bandwidth, you can play against anyone in the world. But, if your connection is found wanting, then it’ll leave you with problems. And, when you‘re back up to full speed, you might find that you’ve been shot and respawned in an exposed desert location.

Luckily, there is a solution, which offers fast, uninterrupted gameplay. A gaming VPN can reduce the delay between the player and the client server, speeding up the connection. But there are other benefits when you use a VPN when playing Call of Duty multiplayer and unrestricted access is just one. Here are five compelling reasons it’ll benefit you.

More virtual locations

A VPN can provide access to virtual locations around the world. For Call of Duty players, it means not being restricted to a single region. For instance, for players in the UK, it could mean having the ability to play a game in Australia, Russia or India as well as servers in your own territory. Which might just mean being able to play with friends from Down Under, cousins from India or just because you are a night owl.

Bypass firewalls

Some Call Of Duty servers (as well as some WiFi connections) restrict access to certain websites and content. With a VPN, you can bypass these filters and connect to a server without any filter worries.

Account security

It’s all too easy for hackers to get their hands on your account information by intercepting passwords. A VPN provides encryption, lessening your worry about unauthorised access to your account.

High ping rate means smoother gameplay

A VPN will keep your ping rate high, which should improve your Call of Duty gameplay. The ping is the reaction time of your connection. A fast ping equals a more responsive connection and timing is everything in Call of Duty, where a player with a higher ping rate will always be able to see you first and get the upper hand in combat.

DDoS protection

A VPN helps to protect against DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks, especially on multiplayer modes. The DDoS practice is widespread and simple to use and gamers are paying the price as it can slow down connections and temporarily prevent you from playing the game. A VPN effectively hides your IP address behind a virtual wall and your internet traffic is routed to the provider’s network before passing to the open internet. This means that, when DDoS attackers attack your IP, it is the VPN’s and it gets screened out before reaching your Black Ops 4 finale.

A VPN won’t give you a game advantage but it will allow you to play Call of Duty any time, from anywhere, while keeping your connection stable because there’s nothing worse than trying to hit jerky opponents square in your sights. However, being able to avoid DDoS attacks is another reason to celebrate as they are relatively common and incredibly frustrating. A VPN will also establish quicker connection times, encrypt data and connect to servers around the world meaning you get to enjoy Call of Duty quicker, more smoothly and more securely.

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