Get This Free Call of Duty: WWII Dynamic PS4 Theme Right Now for Completing a “Quest”

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Remember when we posted that free Call of Duty: WWII Calling Card and how to get it? Well, this time, we have another similar thing, but it might even be better. If you’re a PlayStation owner, and you have a North America account (R1), then you’re in luck! There’s a free COD: WWII dynamic PS4 theme with your name on it!

How to snag it? Super simple. All you have to do is log in to and sign in, complete the “quest” which consists of watching the trailer (yes, you can skip forward), and once that’s done, you’ll get a code that you can redeem on the PSN Store! I tried it, and it works. Now, for those without NA accounts, just create one (get any US address from the US, preferably a commercial establishment), prompt the download, and then revert back to install the theme on your original PS4 account. 

You can check out the screenshot above as that’s the actual theme or check the video below by YouTuber PrestigeIsKey to see it in action. 

Not bad for a freebie, and you can bet I’m using this one to ensure hype levels are at a maximum. Stay tuned for our review of Call of Duty: WWII coming to you soon!