Ghost Recon Breakpoint X Splinter Cell “Deep State” Trailer Brings Back Sam

ghost recon breakpoint x splinter cell

Just a few days ago, Ubisoft surprised Splinter Cell fans by announcing the Ghost Recon Breakpoint X Splinter Cell crossover called “Deep State,” which is due out tomorrow on March 24. For those looking forward for more before the content drop, the trailer is here now, and yes, Sam Fisher is back!

Fight alongside Sam Fisher in a new Splinter Cell adventure coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Play the first mission free and customize your gameplay with the new Ghost Experience – available March 24! Play FREE this weekend starting March 26.

Aside from Deep State, a ton of new changes are coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint tomorrow with Title Update 2.0! Read up on the full patch notes right here.

Hopefully, this is the start or a teaser for a proper Splinter Cell game. Sam Fisher has been away far too long.

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