Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta Gets Updated, Here’s What’s New

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On the heels of the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta extension, Ubisoft and Red Storm have just pushed out a new update to implement weapon and equipment tweaks, as the developers continue to incorporate player feedback into perfecting the game.

Here’s fix list as written on the official forums:

Weapon Changes:

  • Adjusted aim sensitivity to improve consistency
  • Reduced the ability to quick scope from cover.
  • Reduced the maximum count of rounds in the Stun Gun to 6.

Equipment Changes:

  • Flash Bulb has been re-tuned, making it easier to aim but reducing the overall effect.
  • EMP Grenade blast radius has been increased.
  • Sensor Grenade detection range has been decreased.

Other Changes:

  • Melee has been adjusted to improve its usability on crouched or prone enemies.

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