Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta Gets Updated – Play The New Game Mode, Saboteur, Today

Ubisoft Red Storm will be updating the Ghost Recon Future Soldier multiplayer beta with some tweaks, fixes and a brand new game mode, Saboteur.

The team behind the GRFS multiplayer beta has been gathering some valuable feedback over the course of the last week and are updating the game with some much appreciated tweaks and fixes. Check them out below as listed on the official GRFS website:

  • [Xbox 360 only] Grenades are over-powered: we are reducing the grenade blast radius according to your feedback and the analysis of your matches.
  • [Xbox 360 only] You were confused by the 4-man party and 6-man team matchmaking: we are increasing the maximum party size to 6 in order to align with the team size.
  • [Xbox 360 & PS3] We are universally increasing the speed of XP acquisition in order to gain additional feedback on the weapons and equipment unlocked later in the character progression system.

Currently Grenades and Party changes will only be active on Xbox 360we are working to bring these changes to the PS3 Beta as well.

Additionally, the game mode, Saboteur, is being released a day earlier than stated in the GRFS multiplayer beta guide, meaning players will be able to try their hand at it today. “In Saboteur use stealth and cunning to capture the explosive briefcase and detonate it on the opposing team’s objective,” as described on the official website. Ubisoft promises compelling gameplay that emphasizes the teamwork aspect of Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

Let us know in the comments below, how are you enjoying the multiplayer beta so far? Make sure to report any issues here.

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