[UPDATED] Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta Issues and Workarounds, Plus Gameplay

Update #1: Added more issues, workarounds, and Tech Support information.

The Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta servers are now up and running on PS3 and Xbox 360. You can learn more on how you can get into the beta here, and be sure to check out the complete multiplayer beta guide.

Here are the known issues and workarounds as listed on the forums. We’ll update this piece as developers Red Storm publish more fixes.

PlayStation 3

  • Issue: Players are having difficulty matchmaking
  • Description: Some players are experiencing issues with matchmaking on the PS3, unable to find a match, or are getting placed into a match solo.
  • Status: Some of the matchmaking issues have been resolved by a fix, but there are reports of some people still having issues. We’re aware of those issues and currently working on a fix to deploy as soon as possible.
  • Workarounds: Players may have success matchmaking if they change match preference from “Conflict” to “Any.”  Rebooting your router may alleviate some problems as well.
  • Issue: Stuck “Checking for DLC”
  • Description: The issue causes the player to be stuck on the start screen while the system attempts to verify content on load.
  • Status: Aware of the issue
  • Workarounds: Rebooting the console will frequently clear the issue.

Xbox 360

  • Issue: Excessive loading times when joining games
  • Description: It appears that some players are able to find games and join them, but at launch will then sit at the loading screen.
  • Status: Aware of the issue
  • Workarounds: Reboot your console or go back to the Xbox Home, then relaunch the Beta client.
  • Issue: Intro Video Cycle can cause 360S to Lock up
  • Description: A few people have reported that the intro video will lock up after cycling multiple times while left idle. This seems to be limited to the 360S style consoles.
  • Status: Aware of the issue
  • Workarounds: Idle your console on one of the other screens (any menu will work).
Ubisoft stated, “for any other issues [other than ones above], including Beta keys, please contact our Tech Support that will be able to assist.” Follow this link for more info on Tech Support in your area.

Our friend SpiderBite from NextGenTactics has posted a GRFS beta gameplay commentary to share his very early impressions, giving us a first look at the beta.

[youtube id=”lmBfgCpMhDQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Have you had a chance to play the beta? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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