Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Details – Siege Mode and Objective-Based Gameplay

Ubisoft’s Thaddeus Sasser, Lead Multiplayer Game Designer on the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier, gives fans an in-depth look into the highly anticipated competitive multiplayer mode that GRFS will be sporting come May 22 in North America.

Sasser recently sat down with Online Men’s Magazine, The Alpha Syndicate, in a “Q&A for the ages”. We’ve gathered all the important details below for your reading enjoyment.

The Last Man Standing game mode will not be returning this time around. Instead, the team will be bringing back Siege, a game type much like Last Man Standing, but with the addition of a central objective to be defended. Here, one team will spawn in a central location and will be required to defend an objective. Attackers will be deployed around the outside of the map. Each solder will have a single life with no respawns.

The objective capture rate has been sped up. The Confidence system affects hacking speed for Data Hacking (stealing an enemy’s positional intel from a stunned opponent). Other tools and features include in the competitive MP are UAVs, Suppression effects, and a Coordination System (players can mark objectives, enemy targets, or call for support). Ammo boxes and med kits will also be included.

Hardcore mode will not be present, although GRFS already includes high lethality. The HUD plays too important of a role to be excluded in any game type.

There will not be a dedicated first-person view. However, all guns do have a first-person scope view.

There will be a rank progression for system for public matches where players can unlock weapons and equipments based on their rank. An “open” system will be included for private matches. Meaning, all weapons and equipment are available for use.

GRFS will not include “killstreaks”. Focus is instead placed on rewarding players for completing objectives. For example, hacking into an enemy sensor network will reward players with positional intel, or capture ammo crates will allow players to resupply.

Included are 4 game types, 10 maps, 2 factions, 3 roles. Over 50 weapons, dozens of pieces of equipment, and a number of grenades are also at the disposal of every soldier.

GRFS will sport a fluid and responsive cover system. Sasser also assured fans that the 3rd person view isn’t over-effective as there is a stabilization period when moving with your weapon.

Sasser also added that, so far, a dominant strategy has yet to emerge during play tests. This should hopefully prove for balanced gameplay.

Visit The Alpha Syndicate for the full, written Q&A Session with Thaddeus Sasser.

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