Ghost Recon Future Soldier on PC “Isn’t a Straight Port,” Says Ubisoft

The PC version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier stirred controversy as it went from being announced, to then being cancelled until it was confirmed once again but with a slight delay compared to consoles.

As for why it was delayed on PC, speaking to BeefJack, creative director Jean-Marc Geoffroy explained “it’s the fact that it isn’t a straight port.” He continued, “You have to adapt the controls [to keyboard and mouse] and more than that, you have to adapt the game to DirectX 11 and the best graphics cards, so it takes time.”

Consoles will receive the game on May 22nd in NA, 25th in the UK, and PC players can expect it to release on June 12th in NA, June 15th in the UK.

Development director Adrian Lacey explained, “it’s an enhanced experience on PC, so you have to. If we don’t do that then it would be a straight port, but on PC you need to step up your game in a different way.”

He then went on to point out that “Ghost Recon was founded on PC, so it’s something we’re very cautious and aware of doing right, otherwise [fans are] not happy.”

You can find the latest Ghost Recon Future Soldier updates here.

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