Ghost Recon Wildlands New Operation Dropping Tomorrow, Here’s What’s Coming

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Have you been enjoying Ghost Recon Wildlands? If so, there’s some good for you today. In a press release, Ubisoft announced that a Ghost Recon Wildlands new Operation is set to deploy tomorrow, February 27, as a free update to the third-person shooter.

Unfortunately, this will also be the game’s last free major update for the game for the second year of post-launch content. Check out the trailer as well as official details below.

Guerrilla Mode expands on the game’s PvE experience with a unique challenge testing players’ endurance, skills and tactics. Solo or up to four Ghosts, players will need to defend key locations against increasingly deadly waves of Cartel and Unidad members. After each completed wave, players will have the opportunity to purchase and upgrade weapons, skills and attachments with resources gathered from dead enemies. Each choice will be impactful and strategy will be essential to overcome the challenge.

In addition to Guerrilla Mode, Special Operation 4 introduces a wealth of new Ghost War PvP–focused content, including:

  • One New PvP Class: The Sapper is a new Support class option that deploys a specialized drone that shoots “concussion” mines. These mines drain stamina from players and suppress them, slowing down their rush.
  • Two New PvP Maps.
  • Two New PvP Events:
    • Arms Race: Players spawn with only their pistols and are forced explore the map for better weapons.
    • Danger Zone: Players are periodically bombed with ultrasonic blasts, forcing them to always be on the move.

Once the patch is out tomorrow, we’ll let our readers know.