GigaBash Update 1.05 Released for Fixes and Adjustments This August 26

GigaBash Update 1.05

Passion Republic Games has released GigaBash update 1.05, and this adds a few small features alongside bug fixes to the game. Read on for what’s new in the GigaBash August 26 patch notes.

GigaBash Update 1.05 Patch Notes | GigaBash August 26 Patch Notes:

Mayhem Mode

– Added AI players into the mode!
– CPU can be added the same way as other ‘Couch Play’ modes.
– Skorak’s skull will no longer auto-respawn at your position after it is thrown into the Frozen Lake.

Story Mode

– Fixed clear time not being registered properly.
– Fixed Woolley transforming to S-Class again if it gets hit after it has shrunken into normal class in “Into the Abyss”.
– Fixed Titans getting stuck in the Woolley family gathering area in “Into the Abyss”.
– Adjusted Unit-02’s jump height in “A Kingdom Restored”.

Teamplay Mode

– Fixed crash when Titan catches teammate-thrown UFO.


– Fixed hitbox of Grab Special allowing the victim to be hit by ground attacks while in mid-air.
– Fixed knockback on Air Concrete Roller that enables infinite combo.


– Fixed knockback on Giga Beam that enables infinite combo.


– Adjusted Telekinesis damage scaling and knockback.


– Swapped out duplicate Key Art with a new one.

General fixes and improvements

– Tree Trunks are now permanent and won’t be destroyed after use.
– AI related fixes.
– Online Multiplayer stability improvements.

Source: Steam
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