Gigatross Games Introduces Grand Class Melee 2, Top-Down Online Multiplayer Action on XBL and PC

You may remember a few months back when we talked to Canadian developers Gigatross Games about their upcoming XBL Indie Games title, Grand Class Melee, a top-down Zelda-meets-Bomberman multiplayer action-game.

After a successful release on XBL, earning a place as one of the top-rated Indie Games, we’ve recently learned that the trio is hard at work on a direct, even more ambitious follow-up, Grand Class Melee 2. This time, however, they’re taking the multiplayer online and extending their reach to the PC platform.

Intense 16-bit multiplayer combat!

Check out Grand Class Melee on XBL.

To help make Grand Class Melee 2 the “best-in-class” XBL and PC multiplayer title, Gigatross Games has started an indiegogo campaign in order to muster up the funds to bring this exciting project to a reality. What will these funds contribute to? Gigatross explains:

  • Keep us working on GCM2 full-time. In order for the game to be the best it can be, it deserves our full attention.
  • Fund the game servers, bandwidth and hardware required. If we exceed our funding goal, we will consider expanding to more platforms!
  • Broaden the artistic scope of the game. The more funds we raise, the more energy we can devote to really polishing the look of GCM2 with improved class sprites, backgrounds, spells and other effects.
We strongly recommend checking out their indiegogo campaign page for more information and to consider donating. You can also learn more by checking out this comical info vid below, and by paying a visit to Gigatross Games’ official website. Make sure to follow Gigatross Games on Twitter for more updates!

[youtube id=”4yX5Bh3-mzI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Check out the perks below for donating particular amounts:


You’ll receive a sincere email thank-you. Every little bit helps in making this project a reality.


Get your name in the credits as a Crowdfunding Champion because, quite frankly, you are! Plus previous reward tier.


The finished game in all its online 2D-battling awesomeness. Distribution details to come. Plus all previous reward tiers.


Allows unlimited class balancing submissions for GCM2. Access to private class balancing discussion community. High quality digital copy of the game soundtrack. Plus all previous reward tiers.


Digital copy of Jake’s Strategy Guide. This account will provide any and all future GCM2 expansions for free. Plus all previous reward tiers.


Official GCM2 t-shirt and poster (both will be exclusive to this campaign). Poster or t-shirt can be signed if requested. Plus all previous reward tiers.


Receive a mini pixel portrait of your likeness drawn by our art team that will be featured in the credits of GCM2 as an ‘Elite Giga-helper’. Plus all previous reward tiers.


Design an arena map! It could be for any game type (list to come) with any of our custom tilesets. This will ship with the final copy of the game among other pre-made arena maps. Plus all previous reward tiers.


Become exalted in Gigatross lore forever. All tales told (i.e., games made) by Gigatross hereafter will incorporate your essence in one form or another. Plus all previous reward tiers.


Design a class of your own! Decide its ability, its stats (within reason, of course) and we’ll add it to the game. Plus all previous reward tiers.


Come to an exclusive Gigatross Games party! Meet the production team, talk video games and get down. (Must be able to travel to Kelowna, BC.) Plus all previous reward tiers.

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