Godfall Update 1.02 Sneaks Out This August 16

Counterplay Games has released the Godfall update 1.02 patch this August 16. and this is just for the recently released PS4 version. Those on PS5, there doesn’t seem to be a title update for that game’s version.

Godfall Update 1.02 Patch Notes:

As one might expect, this is purely for fixes! No official changelog has been released, but Counterplay Games Community Manager ThanatosNoa shared the following on Reddit:

It was just a stability & performance patch (mostly for a telemetry issue).

While  the Fire & Darkness expansion released last week on both PS4, and PS5 is a paid content drop, it also came with the Lightbringer update which has the following stuff available for everyone (read: free):

Fight back the Darkness in Lightbringer

An all-consuming darkness threatens to spread throughout Aperion and choke the world of all light…

Lightbringer is a new game mode for level 50 players to take on new challenges and collect a new type of loot – Cursed Items – which can only be found in Lightbringer missions.

In Lightbringer the Earth, Water, Air, and Fire Realms have been corrupted by the Heart of Darkness. In this mode players will:

  • Explore the Darkness to defeat corrupted enemies and locate Dark Tears, manifestations of the Heart of Darkness in the realm that must be destroyed to release the Sanctum’s Light that has been sealed away within.
  • Escort the Sanctum’s Light back to the Amplifier, a powerful weapon in the fight against the Darkness.
  • Eliminate the Heart of Darkness in an epic final battle!

Note – Fire Realm Content can only be accessed by the player if they own the Fire & Darkness expansion.

You can read more about that here.

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