Gotham Knights Gameplay Shown Off and It Looks Bat-tastic

gotham knights gameplay

Announced officially during today’s DC Fandome event, Gotham Knights might not come as a shock to most people keeping tabs on video game news, but the reveal of Gotham Knights gameplay is! It also confirms co-op will be part of the title.

We get to see Batgirl ride the Batcycle and be joined by Robin in her quest to rid the city of criminals! We event get to see a boss fight of sorts with Mr. Freeze!

Graphically, the game is looking insanely good with particle effects andthat obvious next-gen sheen. Once we get more details from the press release, we’ll update the post.

Gotham Knights will be out in 2021, and we’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure.

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5 thoughts on “Gotham Knights Gameplay Shown Off and It Looks Bat-tastic

  1. Lol, it looked like pure batshit and do I have to explain this is a current gen/next gen game that isn’t even out until 2021 either??? A game ruined in its design by being a co-op game FIRST. It doesn’t matter if you play solo, you are playing a crappy, rush and attack everything fast, co-op game, solo. How could they screw this up so bad and after all that hype the past week???

    Has covid messed up people’s brains in 2020 thinking something will be received well when its the opposite outcome?

    1. It does say that it can be played solo OR co-op. Looks fine to me. :}

      It’s not a GaaS game either, so they can focus on the narrative more.

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