Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.17 Zooms Out, Brings New Cars, Circuit & More This June 23 (Update)

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Polyphony Digital has rolled out Gran Turismo 7 update 1.17 (PS5 version 1.170), which brings three new cars (as teased last week), alongside a new circuit, one vision GT, and more! Read on for the GT7 June 23 patch notes.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.17 Patch Notes | Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.170 Patch Notes | GT7 June 23 Patch Notes:

Update: Polyphony has released the full patch notes!

Main Features Implemented

1. Cars
– The following three new cars have been added:
・1932 Ford Roadster ‘63 (Purchasable at ‘Legend Cars’ from 24 June);
・Suzuki V6 ESCUDO Pikes Peak Special ’98 (Purchasable at ‘Legend Cars’ from 24 June);
・Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3 Version)

2. Tracks
– The ‘Watkins Glen International’ race track has been added in two different layouts:
・Watkins Glen Long Course
・Watkins Glen Short Course

3. World Circuits
– ‘Circuit Experience’ has been added to the ‘Watkins Glen International’ track in the ‘Americas’ section.
– The following new events have been added to ‘World Circuits’:
・Watkins Glen International
– American FR Challenge 550
– American Clubman Cup 700
– World Touring Car 800

These new events will become available at Collector Level 17.

4. Scapes
– The ‘Watkins Glen International’ location has been added as a featured Curation in Scapes;
– A new spot has been added to the Scapes demo roll.

5. Café
– Added 41 sets of new conversations with the Characters appearing in the Café. These new conversations can be accessed by changing cars in ‘Garage’ and speaking with the Character that is in the Café;
– New ‘Extra Menus’ have been introduced: these menus provide opportunities to complete new car collections and are accessible after a certain Collector Level has been reached. In Update 1.17, the following three Extra Menus have been added:
・Extra Menu No. 1: ‘Collection: Toyota 86’
・Extra Menu No. 2: ‘Collection: Honda Type R’
・Extra Menu No. 3: ‘Collection: Rotary Engine’

The new Extra Menus will appear after clearing Menu Book No. 39 (‘Championship: World GT Series’) and having watched the ending, with a player’s Collector Level of at least 20 for Extra Menu No. 1 and 2, and a Collector Level of at least 32 for Extra Menu No. 3.

6. GT Auto
– The following four new paint colours have been added:
・Ford Roadster Black
・Suzuki Escudo Pikespeak Red
・Suzuki VGT Gr3 Blue
・Suzuki VGT Gr3 Black

7. Options
– The ‘Horn’ command can now be assigned to a button in the controller configuration menu. ‘Horn’ is not available for race cars and certain other cars;
– ‘In-game Notifications’ settings for ‘Now Playing’ are now stored in the Save Data;
– A ‘Steering Controller Settings’ option has been added to the Controllers menu. This menu can be used to check connected steering wheel controllers and adjust related input values. Pedal sensitivity can also be adjusted from ‘Pedal Calibration.’

Other Improvements and Adjustments

1. Multiplayer
– Event Settings can now be changed after a room has been created in ‘Lobby;’
– The ‘Variable Time Speed Rate’ value in ‘Time / Water Settings’ can now be changed from 10x to 30x.

2. Race
– Added a ‘Refuelling Speed’ option to ‘Race Settings’ in ‘Lobby’ and ‘Custom Races;’
– Added a ‘Load Ghost’ option to the ‘Ghost Settings’ menu from [Quick Menu] > [Settings];
– The correct road wetness will now be automatically applied if ‘Custom Weather’ is selected from ‘Time / Weather’ options in ‘Lobby’;
– Fixed an issue wherein the rewards at the end of a race would not match the adjusted values following a change in the Event Settings in ‘Race Settings’ from the Quick Menu;
– Changed the number of laps set for each course in [Arcade] > [Single Race] when in Offline Mode.

3. Sport
– Added Gold, Silver, and Bronze target times rewards to ‘Online Time Trial’. It is now possible to obtain those rewards by re-entering ‘Sport’ after an Online Time Trial ranking registration period has ended;
– The following game stats are now displayed at the top of the screen in ‘Sport’:
・No. of Top 5 Finishes
・No. of Gold Record Finishes (Online Time Trial)
・No. of Silver Record Finishes (Online Time Trial)
・No. of Bronze Record Finishes (Online Time Trial)

4. My Page
– The following items have been added to ‘Profile’ in ‘My Page’:
・No. of Top 5 Finishes
・No. of Gold Record Finishes (Online Time Trial)
・No. of Silver Record Finishes (Online Time Trial)
・No. of Bronze Record Finishes (Online Time Trial

– Fixed the calculation method for the following stats under the ‘Sport’ category in ‘Profile’ in ‘My Page’:
・Pole Positions

5. Physics Simulation Model
– Adjusted the speed of certain hybrid cars when they ran out of fuel.

6. Sound
– Fixed an issue with the Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II engine sound.

7. GT Auto
– Fixed an issue wherein a livery data error would occur when transferring liveries from ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ with the following cars:
・Toyota 86 GT ’15
・Toyota 86 GRMN ’16
・Honda Civic Type R (EK) ’98

8. Others
– Various other issues have been addressed.


Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special ’98

Returning to the series for the first time in a decade, the legendary Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special ’98 is a monster machine developed specifically to compete in the most extremely harsh conditions for any race car in conquering the treacherous hill climb. The frame is of an all-new design using an aluminum space frame. To maximize performance, the powertrain has been extensively modified, moving the engine from the base model’s front position to a midship configuration. The fully tuned 2.5L V6 engine has been fitted with twin turbochargers allowing it to produce a maximum 981 BHP and 95 kgfm maximum torque.   

Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3 Version)

This model is a realization of Suzuki’s motor sporting prowess, extensively tuned to meet Gr.3 regulations. The base Suzuki VGT uses the 1,340 cm³ (1,340 cc) Hayabusa engine linked to 3 high-power electric motors on an all-wheel drive powertrain. This Gr.3 version however has been changed to a simple front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout with a V8 twin-turbo powerplant comprised of 2 Hayabusa engine blocks for a total displacement of 2,680 cm³ (2,680 cc). In this form, the monstrous engine can produce a maximum 577 BHP at an astoundingly high 10,000 rpm. Compared to the base model, the design aesthetics have been altered to achieve increased downforce, featuring an enlarged front spoiler as well as the addition of front and rear diffusers, a GT wing and air ducting on the bonnet. 

1932 Ford Roadster

In the world of customized cars, the US is often number one in terms of quality, volume, and genre. The oldest genre of these, now an iconic part of American culture is the Hot Rod. This was a movement that originated in the 1930s, where the Ford Model T and the later Model A’s and Model B’s were heavily modified by their owners. Extensive exterior modifications were performed on these cars such as removing wheel arches, bonnets and cutting the body to make chop-top convertibles. More and powerful engines were then added to the cars as technology improved over the years. 

Watkins Glen International 

Nicknamed “The Glen”, Watkins Glen International is a historic road course found in New York State, roughly 260 miles northwest of New York City, which opened in 1956 and is surrounded by rolling hills. The first half of the track comprises high-speed sections with mid to high-speed corners, with the latter half features tight, technical turn combinations. The undulating track is also narrow which encourages high-intensity racing battles. The back straight leads to a high-speed chicane, immediately followed by a right turn into a banking section (Outer Loop), which is one of the track’s primary highlights. From there, the long course will run into the technical section known as “The Boot”, while the ‘Short Course’ bypasses this segment entirely.  

Gran Turismo Café – Extra Menus

The following 3 Extra Menus have been added:

  • Toyota 86 Collection: Opens at Collector Level 20
  • Honda Type R Collection: Opens at Collector Level 20
  • Rotary Engine Collection: Opens at Collector Level 32

If there are gameplay-related changes included from Polyphony that’s released, we’ll be sure to update the post.

Update: Polyphony Digital has released the official patch notes.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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