Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races October 22, 2017

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One of the new features in Gran Turismo Sport are the “Daily Races” gamers can partake in each day. These races will be hosted ever day in GT Sport which start October 17, with each race being opened every 20 minutes. The event content will be updated every Tuesday.

To enter the Daily Race, go to “Sport” mode, and check it form there. Here’s the Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races October 22 list (via Reddit):

Class Track Lap Cars Strt Setting BoP Tire Car
N300 Kyoto Driving Park – Miyabi 5 12 Roll Fixed On RH Mitsubishi Lancer ELFE ’15
Gr4 Dragon Trail – Seaside 4 12 Roll Open On RH Garage
Gr3 Autodrome Lago Maggiore – GP 5 12 Roll Open On RH Garage

The longer laps and smaller car pool in the races should make things easier. Let’s hope this trend continues in teh following days and weeks. If you’re curious why car tuning features are scaled down compared to past versions, here’s what Polyphony had to say about that.

Stay tuned to our Gran Turismo Sport review set to race out very soon.