Grinding Gear Games Details Unique Items for Upcoming Path Of Exile Expansion

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As we’ve previously covered this week on MP1st, Grinding Gear Games have slowly started to reveal information regarding their upcoming December expansion for Path Of Exile. It seems that the New Zealand-based studio is at yet again with revealing more information regarding the upcoming expansion.

The developer delves a little bit into some of the unique items that you’ll surely come across once the expansion goes live. Very recently, they’ve dropped small descriptions at what some of the new unique items are capable of.

Catch the list below.


  • The movement speed on Stormcharger is enough to keep you powering through the story. If you’re playing a Lightning build (especially one that likes to shock), Stormcharger has much more to offer, but you’ll have to be content with boots that provide virtually no defenses.


  • A thousand extra life for your spectres is amazing at level 34, and doesn’t go astray at higher levels either. That said, the minion life regeneration on Wraithlord is likely to be the reason you wear this helm at higher levels. Like Stormcharger, Wraithlord doesn’t do much to keep you alive, but your minions will thank you.


  • Roleplay as a Giant slayer, or perhaps as a giant Slayer! At level 23, these gloves are just pretty darn good, especially as a strength-based projectile attacker. Though most characters will probably swap these out not long afterwards for some nice rare gloves, the niche (but fun!) Iron Grip builds will see a lot more use from these.

Cane Of Unraveling:

  • Staves have a longstanding tradition of providing solid high-level caster specialization options. Like Taryn’s Shiver, The Searing Touch and the Agnerods before it, the Cane of Unravelling will help kickstart your endgame. It provides potent Chaos power and Power Charge power to help you climb map tiers.

Vix Lunaris:

  • With solid defenses, Life and Cannot be Frozen, Vix Lunaris already provides several compelling reasons to wear this in your Shield slot, but it is the Level 20 Cold Aegis skill that the shield enables that is the true draw. Cold Aegis creates a protective bubble around the player and absorbs Cold damage up to a certain amount before it temporarily dissipates. This is particularly powerful for characters who, for whatever reason, tend to be more susceptible to Cold damage than anything else.
Aside from giving small description of these new uniques, GGG have also revealed details of a new map, which they urge you to bring a mobility skill gem with you.

Pillars Of Arun:

  •  Be sure to bring a Leap Slam, Flame Dash, Blink Arrow, Bodyswap or Lightning Warp with you. You’ll be stuck high and dry (mostly high!) without a movement skill to get you across the perilous gaps in this map.

More details of this upcoming expansion is set to be made on November 16, when GGG fully reveals the December expansion. Though, from the looks of how excited they are to talk about their upcoming content, it shouldn’t be to surprising if they reveal more information before the full announcement.

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