Gran Turismo Sport Offline Content Are Super Bare Bones

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Those who’ve been thinking about purchasing the recently released Gran Turismo Sport and have issues with their ISP, or simply don’t have internet access, may want to rethink your purchase before throwing your wallet at the newest installment of the highly popular racer.

It was discovered that those who wish to play Gran Turismo Sport offline are going to experience a very bare bones product, as the only game mode that will be available for you will be Arcade mode, and your progress can’t be saved. This was mentioned in our post earlier today when GT Sport servers went down.

This means no access to campaign, buying new cars, access to your garage and many other features if you’re not connected to the game servers.

While, this may indeed be bad news for those without stable internet. It seems the reasoning behind this is due to Gran Turismo partnering up with FIA, an international organization that runs world motorsport. Who sees e-sports being an important part of the game and want to ensure the game is played on an even playing field by keeping saves ‘honest’.

However, this unfortunate news shouldn’t come to much surprise to people if you’ve been closely following the game closely. Due to Sony stating last month that they’ll be taking some precautions to ensure everyone is on a level playing field. By requiring GT Sport to have an active internet connection to access the majority of it’s functions. Though, no one would’ve guessed having an active connection will play such a huge part to the game period.

For those who will be purchasing Gran Turismo Sport, will this decision affect your purchase? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: ArsTechnica