Gran Turismo Sport Servers Are Down, and It’s Not Just You (Update #2)

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Update #2:

Everything seems to be back up and running. Race away, people!


The official Gran Tuirismo website has acknowledged the downtime and has issued a “service interruption” notice.

Service Interruption Notice


The Gran Turismo Sport is currently experiencing an interruption in the following online features:

 - Daily Races
 - Open Lobby
 - Discover
 - Social Features
 - Social Features (Notices)
 - Social Features (News Feed)
 - Social Features (Profile)
 - Social Features (Friends)
 - Social Features (Photo)
 - Social Features (Livery)
 - Social Features (Daily Races)
 - Social Features (Campaign Mode)
 - Online Saves

We are currently working to fix this issue. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

Once things are back to normal, we’ll update the post again.

Original Story:

If you bought Gran Turismo Sport and you’re trying to play it right this moment, you might be greeted with the screenshot you see above. At first, I thought it was just my internet connection,but after numerous attempts, I gave up and checked online.

Over on the NeoGAF Gran Turismo Sport thread, multiple players are saying the same thing: they cannot connect online with the Gran Turismo Sport servers. Given how only Arcade mode is playable offline, this makes the game extremely limited when it comes to features and variety on what you can do. Unfortunately, there’s no word on the official Gran Turismo Twitter on what’s happening.

So if you can’t connect online, don’t worry, it’s not your game, it’s not your ‘net connection, but it’s the GT Sport servers acting up. Maybe it’s due to the deluge of players all trying to play it at the same time? Given how over one million people played the limited time demo, I wouldn’t be shocked if this was the case.

While we’re waiting for the servers to go back up, check out the full GT Sport Trophy list, or read up on why there’s no “GT Mode” in GT Sport.

Once servers are back up, we’ll post an update.