GTA Online – New Patch Early Next Week, First Of Two GTA$ Stimulus Package Deposits To Follow Shortly

Those hoping for the very long awaited deposits of their GTA money included in Rockstar’s Stimulus Package to accommodate the rocky launch of GTA Online may be in for a bit longer of a wait.

Recently, developers Rockstar have given an update on when GTA Online’s player base can expect to receive the first of two $GTA250,000 deposits. According to the team, the deposits will be delayed in hopes to tackle some of the player progression issues and and other bugs at hand with the an upcoming patch that’s set to hit early next week.

If all things go smoothly with the update, Rockstar will get ready to roll out the first of two GTA$250,000 deposits by the end of the week. So, keep your fingers crossed.

Additionally, GTA Online players can expect the first add-on, ‘Beach Bum Pack‘, to be hitting very soon which will feature new customization items, vehicles, weapons, and of course, jobs.

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