GTA Online – Rockstar To Implement NPC Missions In ‘Job Screen’ In The Near Future

Those who have been enjoying GTA Online might find themselves disliking Rockstar’s implementation of the job screen that appears once you’ve completed an activity or a mission.

In response to feedback, the studio has announced that they will be implementing missions from Gerald, Martin and the rest of the NPC’s who are capable of giving jobs in the post-job screen, according to a recent post from Rockstar. The update should allow players to transition into some of their more preferred jobs upon completing a previous mission.

Unfortunately, no ETA was given as to when you can expect this change to happen, but there’s a good chance that the tweak will launch alongside patch 1.04, which is scheduled to be released very soon. The patch will also see the first of two deposits of GTA$ 250,000 in to your in-game bank account as a part of Rockstar’s stimulus package.

Which NPC missions is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

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