GTA Online Service Being Restored On The PlayStation 3, Possible Xbox 360 Fix

After having a rough launch, Grand Theft Auto Online is returning back to service as multiple reports from across the globe, including us, can confirm that GTA Online has somewhat started working on the PlayStation 3.

PS3 owners from both GTAForum and Reddit have reported that they are finally able to connect and play online with the PlayStation 3 version. Connecting to GTA Online can now be established; however there is still one issue with the very first mission where it will hang on the screen. Our only suggestion is that you go into solo play and hope for the best that you can get the mission started. After multiple attempts and system quitting, I was able to get past this mission. After, I was then able to play normally, but with a few hiccups such as slowdowns and crashes.

Hopefully, the Rockstar patches the first mission up, but otherwise, once you are past that, the Online appears to works. The Online portion of the game for the PS3 version was completely inaccessible yesterday, but now gamers are having a lot more luck today. For you Xbox 360 owners, it seems that the Online has been working since yesterday, but a very small percentage of you guys are still unable to play. Here’s a workaround that might work.

[youtube id=”rMjr-WBmmGk” width=”618″ height=”378″]

Are you able to enjoy GTA Online without too much issue?

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