GTA Online Update This Week – Triple Rewards in Motor Wars and More

GTA Online Weekly Update December 10

Rockstar Games has released a new GTA Online update this week, and it ofers triple rewards in Motor Wars, new discounts, and more. Check out the summary and full details below.

GTA Online update this week summary:

  • A 60% discount on both the Mammoth Avenger and the Avenger Weaponized Vehicle Workshop
  • A customized Übermacht Zion Classic is the latest Lucky Wheel Top Prize
  • Select vehicles are 50% off: The Mammoth Thruster personal jetpack, TM-02 Khanjali tank, and Dewbauchee Vagner
  • Facilities are now 50% off, and Facility Modifications are 60% off
  • New Twitch Prime benefits: Both the Maze Bank West Office and Mission Row Nightclub properties are now 80% off, plus ongoing benefits such as a rebate for the Pixel Pete’s Arcade, and an additional 10% off this week’s discounted items

The Mammoth Avenger is 60 percent off starting today until April 1 at the Warstock Cache & Carry.

There’s also 3x GTA$ & RP on Motor Wars starting today up to April 1 as well.

Leap into the fray with nothing but a parachute and a pistol to your name in Motor Wars, where teams must scrap and fight for survival in an ever-shrinking game area.

Keep your cool as all hell breaks loose and be on the last team standing to claim the ultimate prize – a triple payout of cold, hard cash. 

If you need a nice, safe way to launder your dirty money, there’s no better way than spending cold-hard cash on real estate and vehicles. Luckily for you, there are a selection of discounts on offer this week, ranging from Facilities and their Modifications to a selection of cars, tanks, planes and jetpacks. The full list follows below.

Facility Discounts:

  • Facilities – 50% off
  • Facility Modifications – 60% off
    • Facility Styles
    • Facility Graphics
    • Orbital Cannon
    • Security Room
    • Lounge
    • Sleeping Quarters
  • Avenger Weaponized Vehicle Workshop – 60% off

Vehicles & Workshops:

  • Mammoth Avenger – 60% off
  • TM-02 Khanjali – 50% off
  • Mammoth Thruster – 50% off
  • Dewbauchee Vagner – 50% off
  • Annis Elegy Retro Custom – 60% off

Lastly, the Übermacht Zion Classic is available on The Diamond’s podium from today up to April 1.

Check back next week for the next GTA Online update.

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