GTA Online Weekly Update February 11, 2021

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Rockstar Games has been busy this week with GTA Online. Not only did we get a patch yesterday for the online mode, but the GTA Online weekly update February 11 refresh is now live! Same as before, check out the summary and discounts below.

GTA Online Weekly Update February 11, 2021:

  • Triple GTA$ & RP in the couples themed Till Death Do Us Part and the beachside chapel located Shotgun Wedding
  • Double GTA$ & RP in DJ Missions featuring Moodymann, Keinemusik, and Palms Trax
  • A free Buckingham Luxe Tee for players who complete the Cayo Perico Heist finale
  • Free champagne at all Nightclubs, including The Music Locker
  • The Vapid Dominator GTX is this week’s top prize at the Lucky Wheel
  • 40% off all Nightclubs, plus 30% off Nightclub Upgrades & Renovations
  • 30% off all Valentine’s Day-related content, such as the Gusenberg Sweeper and Valentine’s Day-themed clothing items
  • Vehicle Discounts: 40% off Albany Roosevelt, Albany Roosevelt Valor, Buckingham Valkyrie, Buckingham Luxor, Buckingham Luxor Deluxe, Buckingham Swift, Buckingham Swift Deluxe, and the Ocelot Swinger
  • Prime Gaming Bonuses: Players who connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get the Kosatka Submarine’s Sonar Station for free, plus a GTA$200K bonus for playing any time this week
  • Prime Gaming Discounts: 35% off the Annihilator Stealth helicopter and 70% off the Progen Tyrus supercar

Partners looking to make a special occasion out of this week can take a blanket 30% off all Valentine’s Day-related content, such as the Gusenberg Sweeper and all Valentine’s Day attire at clothing stores.

If you’ve enjoyed the vibes at The Music Locker, but you’re interested in turning a profit of your own in the nightlife space, you can take advantage of 40% off all Nightclub properties plus 30% off their upgrades and renovations:

40% off all Nightclubs

30% off Nightclub Upgrades & Renovations

40% Off Select Vehicles:

  • Albany Roosevelt and Roosevelt Valor
  • Buckingham Valkyrie
  • Buckingham Luxor and Luxor Deluxe
  • Buckingham Swift and Swift Deluxe
  • Ocelot Swinge

Tune in next week for the next GTA Online weekly update.