GTA Online Weekly Update January 14, 2021

GTA Online Weekly Update January 14

It’s Thursday and Rockstar Games has rolled out the GTA Online weekly update January 14 activities refesh! Same as always, you can check out the summary below which includes the discounts for the week and more.

GTA Online Weekly Update January 14, 2021:

  • New Vehicle: The Maibatsu Manchez Scout, available for purchase from Warstock Cache and Carry
  • Double GTA$ & RP in all Survivals across the series
  • A free Shark Livery for the Pegassi Toreador for logging in
  • A faded variant of the Pegassi Tee for players who have unlocked the tee
  • A GTA$100K bonus for collecting both Treasure Chests, while scoping and during the final approach on Cayo Perico, in a single day this week (to be received next week)
  • The Pegassi Toreador is this week’s top prize at the Lucky Wheel
  • 25% off select Kosatka Submarine UpgradesRemote-Guided Missiles, Sonar Station, and the Weapon Workshop
  • Vehicle Discounts: 25% off the Sparrow Helicopter and the Kraken Aurora Submarine, 30% off the Invetero Coquette D10, and 40% off the Sea Sparrowthe Nagasaki Buzzard Attack Chopper, and the Pegassi Reaper
  • Prime Gaming Bonuses: Players who connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get the Kosatka submarine’s Sonar Station for free, plus a GTA$200K bonus for playing any time this week
  • Prime Gaming Discounts: 35% off the Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat and the Shitzu Longfin

Don’t get caught lacking, especially when it comes to underwater warfare in a pressurized environment leagues beneath the surface. Make sure to customize and upgrade your Kosatka submarine and take advantage of the following deals, available for a limited time only, and fill the Moon Pool with discounts on vehicles like the Aurora submersible and Sparrow helicopter, among others.Kosatka Submarine Upgrades — 25% off:

  • Remote-Guided Missiles
  • Sonar Station
  • Weapon Workshop


  • Sparrow Helicopter — 25% off
  • Kraken Aurora Submarine — 25% off
  • Sea Sparrow — 40% off
  • Nagasaki Buzzard Attack Chopper — 40% off
  • Invetero Coquette D10 — 30% off
  • Pegassi Reaper — 40% off

Check back next week for the next GTA Online weekly update!

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